AI Reimagined for Marketing

Leverage the power of AI without need for data scientists or writing a single line of code

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What we do?

Prebuilt models for key Goals

Price Optimization

  • Estimate the price elasticity
  • Determine the right price
  • Simulate “What if” pricing scenarios and competitor pricing effects
  • Optimize pricing to a goal

Demand forecasting

  • Model the demand considering market conditions, seasonality, demand variations, etc.
  • Estimate trends early 
  • Optimize the use of resources

Promotions Effectiveness

  • Plan & optimize consumer & trade promotions
  • Promotions ROI and analytics
  • Demand forecast for promotions period

Customer LTV

  • LTV estimation for a recently converted customer
  • Forecast LTV of all customers giving a better view on projected revenues
  • Customer level recommendations

Customer Segmentation

  • Find customer segments  difficult to spot through intuition or manual methods
  • Higher ROI on marketing spends by better targeting, product recommendations & pricing

Customer Conversion

  • Predict customers that are most likely to convert
  • Improve funnel conversion by specific actions at each stage of customer journey
  • Understand elements influencing customer decisions

Customer Retention

  • Determine the probability of a customer churning
  • Understand the factors leading to churn
  • Understand the stage in lifetime where customers are most likely to churn

Product Recommendation

  • Improve up-selling and cross-selling via customer level recommendations
  • Personalized product recommendations
Why Tuzo?

Lack of resources is no longer a disadvantage

Our no-code AI platform helps  achieve all your key marketing planning and operations goals faster

Upto 50% higher ROI

Our customer & product level recommendations help maximize the impact of marketing


No need for highly paid data scientists or developers. Anybody can run the models!

Easy to Use

Building & maintaining  model can be challenging. Tuzo’s platform takes the complexity out while you focus on your business

Speed to market

No more months of model building, testing and set-up. Get recommendations in minutes rather than months

Continued Value

Once trained, the models can set to run at a predefined intervals without the need for retraining or set-up

Security & Privacy

The data is completely secured and not shared with anyone under any circumstances. Choice of cloud & on-prem installations
How it works?

Tuzo's AI Platform in 3 simple steps

First, select your marketing goal

You may have a different goal each day, no problem! Just select the goal you want to predict or optimize and let us do the rest for you

Then, connect data sources

Our platform seamlessly interfaces with your data sources be it clickstream data or the CDP or CRM

Finally, run prebuilt models

Best models are automatically recommended and the results are delivered in beautiful visualizations for quick actions

Our Blog

Our Articles on AI in marketing

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