The Tuzo Story

Tuzo means “rewards” in Swahili. Rewards of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are unlimited and we want to make it easy for any business, large or small to benefit from AI.

Marketing teams are focused on engaging with customers to influence their behavior. Each of the marketing questions is focused on predicting what the customer would do next, e.g. who is likely to churn, who is more likely to convert, what is the right price, etc. We believe that AI is an ideal tool that enables marketers to make more accurate predictions. We want to make the use of AI so easy that anyone without any technical background should be able to leverage AI to achieve their goals. The rewards of AI cannot be restricted to only big organizations with access to large resource pool. We want to democratize artificial intelligence!

The founders of Tuzo have decades of experience with data science, marketing, sales and technology. We understand the challenges in AI adoption and it is our endeavor to make our platform easy, inexpensive and quick to implement.

Our Core Values


We are committed to strive for innovation and creativity. Everyday, we aim to be better than yesterday


We value passion, determination and excellence in all our endeavours. We are hungry, passionate and strive to solve problems in creative ways.

Customer Centricity

We have customer centricity in our DNA ! We strive to achieve excellence in each and every interaction with our customers


We strive to build trust with our customers and their customers. Your data and trust is paramount to us. 

Our Management Team

Mohit Agrawal

Co-founder (Sales & Marketing)

Satyen Vishnoi

Co-founder (Tech & Product)

Gautam Dalvi

Co-founder (Data science)
‍Unites States of America
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