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June 12, 2021

May 2021 - Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge empowers you!

This is a very profound quote and it is the quest for knowledge that has defined the progress of mankind. We at Tuzo believe in learning and sharing together. We would be sharing the business best practices, learning about the new technological advancements and how the new technologies are being implemented. We are reading a lot and we would share the best articles we have read from around the world, even from our competitors, some of whom are doing awesome work and have been our inspiration.

When Do We Trust AI’s Recommendations More Than People’s?

Companies are increasingly turning to AI for making recommendations to consumers. The authors of this HBR article reveal that consumers trust the AI recommendations more when they are seeking functional or practical offerings. However, when it comes to experiential or sensory features, consumers like to get advice from a human. The authors explore how AI can be used as a support to human recommendations in a hybrid form. The competitive edge would belong to those marketers who are able to understand the conditions under which the consumers would trust AI recommendations and when they do not trust the recommendations made by a machine.

Read the full HBR article here

10 Ways AI Improves Pricing And Revenue Management

An interesting article in Forbes from Louis Columbus discusses how artificial intelligence is changing the way companies are pricing and conducting revenue growth management. The article throws light on the upside to revenue due to the use of AI and borrows the facts from leading consulting firms like BCG, Bain & Company, etc. Do yourself a favor and read this article, I am sure you would start to think of ways of implementing AI in your organization for revenue growth management. Tuzo’s last blog post referred to this article for some of the revenue upside numbers.

Read the full article from Forbes here

Cracking the AI Code in CPG

This is a gem of an article from BCG elaborating on the potential of implementing advanced analytics and AI in CPG companies. The article talks about why a few companies are successful in their AI implementations while others are lagging behind unable to harness the power of AI. The key takeaway of this article is that CPG companies can grow the revenues up to 10% by implementing advanced analytics and AI. The article also lists the 5 areas that a CPG company needs to focus on in order to win in AI and covers the importance of technology as well as human elements.

Find out more about the article here

5 AI software tools for Marketing

Finally, listing some of the awesome companies helping marketing folks leverage artificial intelligence. Be it content writing or brand sentiment analysis, there are tools out there that would take your organization to the next level. Try them today!

Watch the full video detailing the AI tools

Bonus: Introduction to AI Course

This is really the last one on the list. Did you know, AI has been there as a concept for the last six decades but it is now that AI is gaining prominence. Today, everyone needs to have a basic understanding of AI but most people do not know where to start. A couple of years back I did this course from the University of Helsinki that covers the very basics of AI that anybody can understand. No technical knowledge is required and it is completely free. The course has been taken by over 650K students across 170 countries. Believe me, this is the best one to start your AI journey.

Click here to know more about this course from the University of Helsinki

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